Terms and Conditions


  1. Contractual agreement with Flyvigo initiated upon confirmation on chosen tour and receipt of signed booking form and deposits.
  2. Booking form completion must be accurate and comprehensive in all relevant sections.
  3. Confirmation through signed booking form indicates acceptance of Flyvigo's terms and conditions.
  4. Contractual obligations apply to all participants listed on the booking form.
  5. Flyvigo reserves the right to accept only signed booking forms to formalize the agreement.
  6. Completion of the booking form and submission of deposits serve as consent to enter into the contractual relationship with Flyvigo.
  7. Flyvigo's contractual agreement ensures mutual understanding and compliance with tour arrangements and obligations.


  1. 50% advance payment required to secure booking.
  2. Booking confirmed upon receipt of advance payment.
  3. Balance amount due at least 10 days before departure.
  4. Payment schedule ensures reservation on a confirmed basis.
  5. Allows flexibility for customers to complete payment before departure.
  6. Ensures financial commitment and confirmation of tour arrangements.
  7. Payment terms designed to facilitate smooth tour planning and execution.


  1. Cancellation notification must be provided in writing.
  2. Charges initiated upon receipt of cancellation letter.
  3. Cancellation fees applicable based on the date of notification
  4. Charges incurred for both avoidable and unavoidable reasons..
  5. Policy ensures clear communication and outlines cancellation penalties.
  6. Cancellation notice required at least 10 days before tour start date.
  7. Ensures sufficient time for adjustments and avoids last-minute complications.

Safety and Precautions:

  1. Travelers must disclose any relevant health conditions before the tour.
  2. Providing advance notice enables tour organizers to make necessary accommodations/decisions.
  3. Promotes the safety and well-being of the traveler and others in the tour group.
  4. Travelers hold responsibility for their luggage and valuable items throughout the trip.
  5. Ensure personal belongings are securely packed and attended to during travel.
  6. Take precautions to safeguard valuable possessions during transit and at accommodation facilities.
  7. Minimize risk of loss or damage by exercising care and vigilance.


  1. Personal expenses incurred during the tour are the responsibility of the individual traveller.
  2. Costs for personal items, activities, and purchases are not covered by the tour package.
  3. Additional service charges incurred during the tour are the responsibility of the traveller.
  4. These charges may include optional activities, upgrades, or special requests.
  5. Travelers are expected to budget accordingly for their own discretionary spending.
  6. This policy ensures transparency and clarity regarding financial responsibilities during the tour.